This class is currently an ongoing one. Check us out at Early Coders Academy. Our students’ projects will be uploaded real soon, so do keep a watch on this space!

Frequently Asked Questions

The students above were taught computational thinking, programming languages, as well as design principles for web development. All these skills were imbued into these individuals by Early Coders Academy, where great care is taken into providing quality programming education.

These projects were created by students that have learnt industry level knowledge in a span of 5 months or less. This allows them to rapidly build websites/web applications that are not only functional, but aestheic as well.

For interest in our courses, please find the contact form below to indicate interest and an Early Coders personnel will get back to you.

The purpose of the web application development course is to allow students to be able to create aesthetically pleasing, industry usable web applications by the end of the course. Examples of what are possible upon completion are: a web version of SGBusLeh and EverNote

We limit the amount of bandwidth given to each student project on our server in order to cater to the large amount of projects that are stored. Please do not use the servers to serve any business purposes. Alternatively, let us know, and we will be able to refer you to the proper channels.

For beginners, each project takes from between 2 – 5 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the project. With even more experience, these projects are achievable in under 2 weeks.

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Do enquire if you wish to join our programming classes at Early Coders Academy, or if you wish to know more on how learning to code can aid your career, or even education. We will be more than glad to refer you to an appropriate programming class, or even to shed insights on programming as a career!

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